Dr. Molly and her entire staff are the best! She treated my mom for autoimmune disease and my dad's high blood pressure. She's amazing! I'm so thankful for her

The A Bro's

Dr. Molly and her staff are wonderful! I would highly recommend!

Jamie Sulzman

Dr. Molly and her staff are amazing! You are treated with kindness, respect and love when you come to the office. I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease several years ago and although traditional medicine helped me tremendously, the effects on my body were too much and I had to stop. Dr. Molly is able to treat a variety of illness with God's Ingredients (the name of her amazing book!) so that you don't have to suffer from the side affects of prescription medication. I would highly recommend Innovative Medical Associates to anyone who is struggling with an illness, addiction or searching for alternative health and wellness options! You won't regret it!

Lisa Alberta

Dr. Molly and her staff have helped my family tremendously! She was able to get my Chronic Lyme Disease under control with her all natural treatments and she is now treating my husband for high blood pressure - without your traditional medication (which means without the traditional side effects!). I can't say enough about how wonderful her entire staff is!!

Chloe Epstein