Medical Hydration Therapy

Send vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into your bloodstream to keep your body operating at peak condition.

Medical Hydration Therapy

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana can be used to treat all kinds of ailments. Find out if this versatile treatment is right for you.

Medical Marijuana

Addiction Detox Program

You don't have to handle your addiction alone. Ask about our addiction detox program today.

Addiction Detox Program

Pain Management & Energy Medicine

We use physical therapy and Reiki energy medicine to reduce your pain and restore your lifestyle.

Pain Management & Energy Medicine

Don't Let Your Ailments Control Your Life

Learn about our health management services in Marlton, NJ

Innovative Medical Associates, LLC is a team of dedicated doctors who all faced their own medical challenges. Unsatisfied with the results from traditional treatments, they decided to create a practice in the Marlton, NJ area that focuses on holistic health and wellness. If you're looking for health management services that are personalized to your body, Innovative Medical Associates is the right practice for you.
Health Management | Medical Hydration Therapy | Medical Marijuana | Addiction Detox Program

Call 856-489-0505 now to learn more about our health management services. You can schedule an appointment in Marlton, NJ.

The right treatment for your medical challenge

Innovative Medical Associates does everything possible to increase the health and wellness of our clients in Galloway, NJ. Our services include:

Medical hydration therapy, to make sure your body retains your nutrients

Medical marijuana, to treat a variety of ailments

Addiction detox program, to help you manage your opioid addiction

Pain management and energy medicine, to reduce or eliminate your chronic pain

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